Our mission is to become a premium resource hub on India in Canada, conduct in depth research, provide inclusive platform and invest in future prospects.

Promote awareness and understanding, bring together policy makers, researchers, university / college students, academics, practitioners, and business entities among others.

About BCC

Bharat Centre of Canada (BCC) is an independent non-partisan 'Policy Think Tank', focuses on understanding contemporary India and Canada - India Relations. BCC's objective is to bring out new vision and innovative ideas to work with Indian and Canadian counterparts. BCC looks forward to connecting with the policy makers, academics, scholars. researchers, practitioners. diplomats of both India and Canada and establishing collaborations overcoming the gaps and challenges. BCC maintains an interdisciplinary approach and provides an understanding on how to enhance the scope of cooperation and engagement between the two nations and increase people to people contact. BCC aims to focus on the existing collaborations and the factors Read more...

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