Welcome to Bharat Centre of Canada

BCC is Non Partisan Policy Think Tank works with the mandate to develop a strategic vision for India – Canada relations. BCC priorities to address the research and educational demands arising from India’s emergence. The BCC seeks to promote interdisciplinary study and research on India and on Canada-India with a focus on expertise in international relations, economy, modern history, geography and climate, health care sector, education, science and technology, information and communication technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, political and strategic studies, and on India-Canada comparative studies. It also looks to fostering active links with universities, colleges, institutes, schools, think tanks, business entities, media, government and non-governmental organizations in Canada and India through applied research, teaching micro credential courses, training programmes, workshops and conferences, and to serve as a repository of knowledge and data grounded in first-hand research on India and Canada.


BCC encompasses a variety of disciplinary specializations and professional expertise, and pursues common objectives regarding the study of India in Canada and Canada in India.
The BCC therefore aims to:
Promote research in multidisciplinary areas of India – Canada studies;
Lead public discourse with regard to India-Canada relations;
Conducts teaching programmes in Universities, Colleges, Schools about India and Canada;
Train young students and researchers;
Build an international network of academics and scholars;
Facilitate new research, teaching and training options, offering internships, co-op options, networking opportunities;
Provide informed and objective inputs in policy formulation;
Produce books, monographs, working papers, briefs, reports, policy analyses;
Foster active links with academic Institutions, business entities, government and non-governmental organizations in India and Canada;
Encourage international collaborations and exchange programmes.